Milton Veterinary Hospital PC

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Our Cats



Scutterbotch R.I.P 

Our favorite door greeter and bringer of small rodents.

Marmalade Marmalade


a.k.a. Marmie

This beautiful girl was brought to the hospital many years ago in order to feed a litter of babies whose mother went missing.  Marmie is the only lady cat in the hospital, and can be a little temperamental at times, but she has a loving sweet side we've grown to love.

Peanutbutter  Peanutbutter

Peanutbutter R.I.P.

a.k.a. Butters

Peanut butter and Jelly have completely different personalities, but are so similar in some ways.  This cutie-pie can be a little shy, but comes running from across the hospital when the treat bag shakes or a can of wet food is being opened. 

Peanut butter is our welcoming diplomat.  He is so gentle and calm when being introduced to other cats or kittens. 

Jelly Jelly


a.k.a. Mama's Jelly-kins

Jelly has a set of traits that many of us working with animals have never seen.  He is predictable, yet surprises us with something new on a regular basis.  Jelly is the known black cat of the hospital, always jumping on the counter or yelling for a client or employee to open the front door for him.


Moondoggy R.I.P

a.k.a. Moonie 



MJ is a sweet but very shy girl who once she gets to know you she'll accept your face scratches!

FlufferNutter  FlufferNutter


Fluffer is very energetic! He loves to greet people who walk through the door and visit them in the exam rooms.